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Every single day, I wake up and think/hope/pray that today will be the day she arrives. I try to make sure that everything is in order – more or less – so that we don’t have any huge last-minute items to take care of before heading off to the hospital. Fridge is mostly stocked, house is mostly clean, laundry is mostly done, etc. This routine has been going on for two weeks now and it is becoming more than a little tiresome — especially on those days when I get upwards of ten text messages ranging from the cute, “maybe baby?” to the super irritating, “well?!” (The person who send me that last text is really lucky she wasn’t right in front of me at the time, because I swear to God with the mood swings I’ve been having, I wouldn’t have hesitated to punch her in the face. You can always apologize later, right? Hahaha.)

My good days consist of running an errand or two (before my energy supply for the day runs out) and possibly cooking and/or listening to a Hypnobabies CD if I can be bothered. I spend time reading articles on hastening labor, even though by now I already know that there’s nothing that reliably works. I read, like a lazy explorer, in search of some hidden-treasure article that will somehow reveal the magic elixir and I will cleverly usher my baby into this world on my terms – or at least, on my timing.

This is the type of wishful thinking I engage in, but in truth, I know – and she proves it to me on a daily basis – that our little angel will arrive strictly on her own schedule. Sometimes I am at peace with that, and other times, I argue, plead, and bargain with her to arrive sooner.

This last week of pregnancy hasn’t been nearly as physically uncomfortable as I expected. (Don’t get me wrong, it still takes a forklift to get me out of any seated or reclining position.) But I thought it would be worse. I’m actually fine. It’s the emotional and psychological part that I find draining. You know how stressful it is to be alone somewhere, say a restaurant or bar, waiting for another person to arrive? You keep checking the door, your watch, your phone. It feels unsettled somehow and the minutes drag on and on… until the person finally shows up and time & space are returned to their normal continuum? Well… imagine that waiting feeling lasting for weeks! These feel like the longest weeks of my life, like I’m keeping track of time via an hour-glass and the sand is falling in slow motion.

I have done nearly every practical thing (and old wives’ tale) that has been suggested by, oh, everyone! And none of it works (big surprise). Today, I am five days away from the official due date of October 12th. At my last doctor’s appointment, I was 2 cm dialated and about 70% effaced. That was last week! I was sure I couldn’t possibly make it to my next appointment without going into labor, but unless I go into labor tonight, it looks like I’ll make it to my appointment tomorrow just fine. Sigh.

If you’re reading this… please send me speedy delivery thoughts! I am so ready to have this baby!!!

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  1. Daryl
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 13:33:53

    Come on, baby girl! It’s nice out here, I promise, and your mom and dad are going to take super-good care of you!

    Happy, speedy delivery thoughts headed your way!


  2. msfertility
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 14:07:26

    Thank you! 🙂


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