So, I was just lazily reading news headlines online this morning when I stumbled upon this disgusting article little trinket: “Octomom’s Fertility Doctor Wants to Treat Patients” . I honestly can’t tell you if my first reaction was the more rational “Are you kidding me?!” or the entirely selfish “Wow – maybe I should go to him?!” because those thoughts happened almost simultaneously.

My knowledge of Octomom had been (and to a large extent, still is) limited to water-cooler-facts. I didn’t know, until reading this article, for instance that all 14 of her children were conceived via IVF. That is one fertile Myrtle! But it got me thinking… this lady lives in California – where health insurance covers infertility treatments, but not IVF. Where the hell did she get the money to pay for all these treatments?! I’ve been through two cycles and I’m already out $30,000. How can this single mom afford it? And while we’re at it, how can she afford all those cosmetic surgeries she had to make herself look like Angelina Jolie? She is truly an Oct-O-Mess!

{Btw, if anyone out there knows how to get insurance to pay for IVF treatments in California – or if I can buy health insurance in another state – please let me know!}

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